• 60 years experience
    Pioneer in reliability
    The clever Testboy innovations have always
    a goal:
    The highest possible product safety
    in a maximum user-friendliness.
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  • Voltage Tester
    Testboy 114
    From a voltage of 12 V, the non-contact voltage
    tester Testboy 114 detects a live conductor,
    amongst others, also in the low volt systems.
    Due to the capacitive measurement procedure,
    invisible brakes in the cables or a defective lamp
    in a chain of light can be accurately detected
    within a few seconds.
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  • Continuity Tester
    Testboy 20 Plus
    The Testboy 20 Plus is the further development
    of the most sold continuity tester Testboy 2
    in Germany. Due to the noncontact voltage sensor,
    AC voltages can be detected through the
    insulation.Defective lamps in chains of
    Christmas lights, or similar, are indicated
    accurately within seconds. The current warner
    installed, warns of a≈voltage that is a
    risk to life. The electronics also
    enable a single-pole phase search.
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  • Digital luxmeter for
    natural and artificial sources of light
    Testboy TV 335
    The Testboy TV 335 is a digital luxmeter in a practical
    and robust plastic housing with a large measurement
    range of up to 200.000 Lux. Due to photo diodes
    sensitive to artificial light and adjustable
    colour temperature, it is also suitable to determine
    the light strength of LED lighting etc. The large LC
    display ensures quick and reliable reading
    of the measurement result.
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Testboy: Since 1953 a guarantor of quality in metrology

For more than 60 years, Testboy has been providing measuring and test instruments for a wide range of applications, and has established itself internationally in the metrology and testing market with the highest level of product safety and maximum user-friendliness. Testboy products stand for robustness and longevity, for innovation and modern demands as well as for safety and quality. Functionality and practical orientation are cleverly combined in the professional measuring and testing instruments, so that they are easy to hold, easy to operate and deliver reliable test and measurement results even under less optimal working conditions. Products with the names Testboy and Testavit Schuki as well as the matching accessories, have stood for years for innovations and advanced developments that are TÜV / GS tested and approved as well as the internationally valid standard IEC / EN 61010-1 for the safety of electrical Measuring, control and regulating devices correspond. Whether for electric circuits directly connected to the grid, building installations, commercial vehicles or other applications - Testboy test equipment and measuring instruments are the first choice when it comes to reliable and safe test-, inspection- and measuring technology.

Measuring instruments from Testboy for a wide range of applications

In measurement technology, a large number of different measuring devices are used, which measure the most diverse physical quantities. Testboy instruments measure mostly, but not exclusively, low-voltage electromagnetic quantities and are available in the market today as digital versions. For example, Testboy instruments are used to measure electrical voltage (volts) or electric current (amper) and are indispensable for professionals in electronics and electrical engineering in their everyday working life. Testboy instruments can also be used to measure temperatures, illuminance (lux), moisture in wood or other materials and building materials, as well as sizes relevant for garages. From clamp meters to thermometers and lux meters to vehicle measuring instruments, Testboy offers reliable products for all kinds of measuring technology.

Testboy test equipment in reliable professional quality

Likewise, the company Testboy is known for safe testing technology, which holds a variety of test equipment in the product portfolio. Troubleshooting, functional tests and safety tests can thus be carried out quickly and easily, which is something every service technician, examiner, more expert and every other specialist, who works with electrical systems, makes work easier. For all parameters that may be important to you, Testboy offers suitable measuring and testing equipment. Continuity test, magnetic field test, non-contact voltage test, socket inspection and reliable line search - no problem with Testboy's testing technology. It is even used in workshops around the automotive and commercial vehicles, for example as a brake fluid tester. Testboy multimeters combine the best in test and measurement technology and offer a very broad performance spectrum.




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