These days, measurement and test instruments are essential tools when carrying out construction, repair and maintenance tasks involving electrical devices and installations.

Modern test instruments should help the user to perform safety checks, troubleshooting and function tests quickly, safely and reliably.

Internationally valid safety standards for the safety of electrical measuring and control equipment are drawn up and ratified by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). This guarantees that tests are carried out according to the same criteria and guidelines all over the world.

The presently valid standard is the ICE EN 61010 -1, which replaced the old standard ICE-EN 348 in 1988.

According to the standard IEC/EN 61010-1 there are the above illustrated measuring categories.

Measurement and test instruments are tested as follows:

CAT II 600 V| 4000 V Peak surge voltage 12 Ohm source
CAT II 1000 V| 6000 V Peak surge voltage 12 Ohm source
CAT III 600 V| 6000 V Peak surge voltage 2 Ohm source
CAT III 1000 V| 8000 V Peak surge voltage 2 Ohm source
CAT IV 600 V| 8000 V Peak surge voltage 2 Ohm source
CAT IV 1000 V| 12000 V Peak surge voltage 2 Ohm source

Measuring instruments are classed according to 3 different categories that indicate the ranges for which they are approved:

CAT II |Electrical circuits that are directly connected to the mains
Socket outlets and long branch lines
All socket outlets that are more than 10 m away from CAT III
All socket outlets that are more than 20 m away from CAT IV
CAT III |In building installation, e.g. distribution boards, cabling, socket outlets
Supply cables and short supply leads
Distributor boards
Socket outlets for large loads with short leads for supplying electrical energy
Lighting systems for large buildings
CAT IV | At the source of the low current low-voltage installation, for example electricity meters, main terminal, primary overcurrent protective devices
In the open and supply cable feed
Supply cables from connection point to the building
Connection between the measuring instrument and the connection point
Overhead lines to individual buildings
Underground cables to water pumps

In order to document that the products of a manufacturer comply with IEC/EN 61010-1, the manufacturer can have these products tested by an accredited test body to check if they conform to the requirements laid out in the standard. Once a test has been passed, the manufacturer is entitled to attach the corresponding quality certificate to its product.

As a safety-conscious and responsible manufacturer, Testboy has its products certified by the TÜV-SÜD Produkt Service GmbH.





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