TESTBOY TV 500 FireChief

Infrared Thermal Imaging Fire Fighter Camera

The Testboy TV 500 FireChief has been especially developed for hard fire service deployment. The full radiometric camera is ready for operation in less than 20 seconds and ensures a commanding view – also if there is heavy smoke or in the dark. Also if wearing thick protective gloves, it can be easily operated with one hand and is a reliable aid for finding missing persons or other sources of heat.

How you benefit

  • One-hand operation for left and right handed persons
  • Complies with fire safety standard UL94-VO with IP67 classification
  • Car charging lead included in the scope of delivery

Areas of application

  • Fire service deployment
  • Accident rescue
  • Detection of glow nests
  • Searching for missing persons in smoke-filled buildings


Technical DataTESTBOY TV 500 FireChief
Dimensions:190 x 128 x 273 mm
Resolution:160 × 120 pixels
Protection:IP67 (watertight up to 1 m)
Storage temperature:-40 – 70 °C
Sensor type:Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Spatial resolution (IFOV):3.3 mrad
Thermal sensitivity NETD:≤ 0.08°C at 30°C
Field of view/min focus distance:30° × 23°
Detector data acquisition:50 Hz
Spectral range:8 – 14 μm
Focus / Zoom:Fixed
Startup time:≤ 20 s at 30 °C
LC-Display :3.5" TFT LCD, 260,000 colours, 640 × 480 pixels
Temperature Range:-20 – 600°C
Colour palette:6 (firefighting palette, grey, rainbow, etc.)
Battery operation / Ext. DC input:Ni-MH battery, operating time up to 2 h
Charging system:Intelligent charger, charging process ≤ 2 hours, more than 500 charging cycles
Long-term operating temperature:-15 – 50 °C
Short-term operating temperature:50 – 260 °C
Scope of Supply:Transport case, 2 batteries, charger, car charging cable, operating instructions
Flammability rating:UL94-VO
Fall height:1,8 m
Measurement function:Fixed measuring point
Measurement correction:0.96 fixed emissivity
Weight:≤ 1,3 kg
TESTBOY TV 500 FireChief

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