Testboy TV 293

IR Thermal Imaging Camera

The cell phone was the revolution in telephony. An infrared thermal imaging camera, such as the TV 293, which is as handy as a mobile phone and similarly easy to operate, revolutionizes thermography. The handheld thermal imaging camera TV 293 is nevertheless versatile. It´s size does not suggest it, but it contains all the advantages of a large thermal imaging camera. It has adjustable emissivity, 5 color palettes and 9 Hz technology. A digital camera with 300,000 pixels for image overlay from thermal image to real image on a large LCD display round out the applications of this smart device.

How you benefit

  • Digital camera for image overlay
  • integrated colour display
  • easy operation
  • universally usable
  • robust and reliable
  • integrated flash memory with Micro-USB-Interface


Technical DataTestboy TV 293
Dimensions:140 x 80x 28 mm
Resolution:220 x 160 Pixels
Accuracy:±2 °C or ±2 % (the greater value applies)
Operating temperature:0–45 °C
Storage temperature:-20–60 °C
Humidity:<= 85 % non condensing
Field of view/min focus distance:27° x 35° | 0,1 5 m fix
Detector data acquisition:9 H z
Spectral range:8–14 μm
LC-Display :3,2" Colour-LCD
CCD-camera:300.000 Pixels
Temperature Range:-20 –300 °C / -4–572 °F
Emissivity correction:variabel from 0,1 bis 1,0 (in 0.01 steps)
Colour palette:5 (Rainbow, Iron Oxide-red , Cold-Blue, Greyscale (white hot) and Greyscale (black hot)
Further settings:Date, T ime, Tem perature unit, Hot-/Cold-Spot
Storage medium:Integrated Flash-memory with Micro-USB-Interface
File format-thermal:JPG
Power saving:automatic switch-off (OFF/5/20 minutes)
Scope of Supply:incl. carrying case, Carrying strap and charger
Weight:210 g
Testboy TV 293

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